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Oct 17 2020


China Oil Paintings – Kate Mirren




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I often watch movies about martial arts, and I always have a… 							Continue Reading																																																																																																						Kate Mirren														Chinese Culture through Art																						Whenever you hear the word "China" or "Chinese," Dragons and Martial Arts come to mind immediately. Dragons are a big part of Chinese culture. And China has a very rich history of martial arts too. I am a fan of art and paintings. I love oil paintings, especially Chinese oil… 							Continue Reading																																																																																																						Kate Mirren														Cricket: One of my favourite themes for oil paintings																						The other day I came across this oil painting. I have always had a love for cricket, and of course, these oil paintings really inspire me.  Cricket has been my passion since I was young. I first used to watch cricket every weekend with my father, and once I was… 							Continue Reading																																																																																																						Kate Mirren														So Grateful																						Hello again! I just wanted to give you readers a quick update about my life right now. Yes, i’m still dating and things are going great between me and Richard. Two months ago we had a serious talk about the status of our relationship and we finally decided that we… 							Continue Reading																																																																																																						Kate Mirren														I Met a Man																						Hello readers! I hope your day is going well. I have some news that may come as a shock to many of you. I met a man and he is quite amazing. I have been single for so long, and proud to be. I felt like having a partner would… 							Continue Reading																																																																																																						Kate Mirren														Planning a Trip to China																						As someone who loves and adores Chinese art, you would think that I would have visited China many different times. But believe it or not, I have only visited a few times. I wish I had a good reason for this, but I really don't. When I was working I… 							Continue Reading																																																																																																						Kate Mirren														I’m Going Home																						Hello there readers! I love to share all of the exciting things that are going in my life with you and today I have some really exciting news. I am planning a trip to go home. As I have mentioned before, I am originally from London in the United Kingdom,… 							Continue Reading																																																																																																						Kate Mirren														Signing Up For an Art Class																						Wow! It's hard to believe that I have been blogging for a little while now. I love being able to express myself in this way. And I must admit, it is fun to watch your number of readers climb. So today, I wanted to share a secret with all of… 							Continue Reading																																																																																																						Kate Mirren														Why I Love Art																						As I mentioned before, I love Chinese art, specifically Chinese oil paintings. But many people do not understand why I love art so much. So I decided to write a blog detailing my love of art. I feel that it can help you all to better understand who I am… 							Continue Reading																																																																																																						Kate Mirren														A Bit About My Daily Routine																						Being retired in your late 30s is a rarity. And I have come across many people who say that even if they were well-off, they couldn't be retired at my age. They would not know what to do with their day or their time. Because of all of this feedback… 							Continue Reading																														Posts navigation		12Next									                                              			              	     		 		               		        			        			            			            	Copyright 2020 © China Oil Paintings. All Rights Reserved